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Our office collaborates with Paradox Security for over many years and by certifying our team as an official partner, shows its trust to us.

Finally, we are ready to serve all our services all over the country.

Intruder Alarms

Our products are being supplied by Paradox Hellas and are one of the best in market. Our systems offer reliability, integrated security, innovative  functions and stylish design for any kind of preference. 


The products for all the proposed CCTV systems are supplied by HikVision and Dahua technology. Those two companies have been selected as they offer reliability,24/7 surveillance, with no disruptions, and HD resolution. Finally, all the systems (small to large scale) are able to be monitored from you Phone, Tablet or PC through internet connection.

Fire Alarm & Protection

All the products are supplied by Paradox Hellas.

Access Control

An access control system could be used for businesses and houses as well. By installing one, you are able to control all the rooms in the area as well as monitor who enters and exits the premises. In addition, you could block the entrance to some rooms so that only you could have access to them.

The products are supplied by Paradox Hellas.


Intercom systems could be used by businesses and houses too. A complete integrated system will make feel secure as you are able to see, anytime, who is outside of your door.

Antennas and Satellite systems


Central Station Monitoring

Monitoring stations play a vital role to your system and to your premises' protection. Your system is being monitored 24/7, and the station is responsible to inform you (anytime) if anything happens to it. Finally, the immediate communication with you and the police offer you an absolute secure of you and your area. 

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