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Our office is pleased to announce its new collaboration with the leading company TECNOALARM for the installation and distribution of its systems in Greece.


The No.1 choice for anyone interested in a serious, professional and reliable security system. TecnoAlarm originates from Italy and is produced ONLY in European factories with the priority of building a high security system so that there is no possibility of tampering with it.

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Meet The Tecno Products



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The central unit is expandable to 440 zones, comes with PSTN interface for control and update of the system. Also, it is powered by a high amperage PSU allowing it to last longer as well as introducing more devices without the need of extra power supply. Finally, the box has already made room for extra modules and expansions make the installer's life easier and saving house's space too.



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Sael is Tecno's Siren one of the most secure and safe sirens. It is Grade 4, it has anti-drilling, anti-opening, anti-foam, anti-removal protection and can be controllable through the installer's software. Finally, the anti-vandal IK protocol makes it even more hard to be violated.



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The are various keypads and touch screens to fulfill all needs and requirements. There are anti-vandal keypads, keypads with RFID readers, with voice synthesis, and fingerprint scanners. The touch screens are dividis into 4.3 "and 7" respectively. The 4.3 "has a built-in RFID to control the system without using any code. The 7" console it offers us various possibilities such as floor plans, voice synthesis, and also see the security cameras through it.


Dual Detectors

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All the detectors are GRADE 3 with tamper and anti-masking protection. They work under all weather conditions with no reduction of their efficiency. These detectors have the RDV protocol which is a TecnoAlarm's patent that allows the user to know if there is an actual intrusion or false alarm.



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TecnoAlarm has introduced its own application for smartphones and tablets to control your home everwhere in the world. The app allows us to arm/disarm the system, see the status of the zones and programs, receives notification for any event that happens to the systems. Also, it has a feature to create a basic smart home and also it is compatible with Amazon Alexa.



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Brand new Tecno's wireless security system, perfect for houses with no wiring infrastructure. It has implented IP and LTE vectors (application) as well as modules for smart home integration. The dual band devices cannot be jammed making the area imposibble for intrusion. Finally, the detectors capture of when intrusion occurs and send it to the app to inform the user what actually happens in his premises



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TecnoFire is the brand for the electronic fire alarm. The panels are addressable, divided from 1 to 4 loop and can be expanded depending on project needs. The panel can be connected on the landline and also on the internet to inform through email when and where an event happens.

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The touch screen allows for a graphic visualization of the building showing the event's location. All the detectors are programmed, configured and controlled through software.

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